A universal drama about the Sarajevos of the world --- warfare in the streets and on TV --- dramatized in the bond forged between "Vlado," under fire by former friends, and "Rhonda," a citizen of the American superpower moved by the televised carnage to reach out. A drama about the saving power of normalcy.

Rhonda: "I only know if everyone could see each other as you and I do, throats could not be slit."

Synopsis & excerpts

Production history (most recent first)

Reading: NEW THEATRE, Coral Gables, Florida (commissioned Nilo Cruz’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Anna in the Tropics). 3.04

Rafael de Acha, A.D.: "What a wonderful play!" Audience comments: "This is exactly the kind of play Americans need to see." "An antidote to 'compassion fatigue.'" "Wonderful craft" in "clarifying contemporary history as a story of two people."

Reading: OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL WRITERS FESTIVAL 2003, dir. Paul Dervis. With Diana York and Vincent Cornfoot.

Neil Wilson, Festival director: “The best portrayal of humanity in wartime I know.” Audience comments: “At last, an outward-looking American.” “Stunning!” “The dialogue reminded me of Beckett.”

Production: FESTIVAL of EMERGING AMERICAN THEATRE 2003, Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, dir. Martha Jacobs. With Sharon McDonald and Bill Simmons.

Bryan Fonseca, A.D.: “I can’t think of a more timely play.” Martha Jacobs, dir.: “It has been more than a joy to work with you on this play, it has been a gift.”  Bill Simmons (Vlado): “I hope to cross your play’s path many times in the future. The story has an inspiring message audiences need to hear.” Indianapolis Star: “A fascinating dynamic of big ideas and little vulnerabilities.... Provocative.”

Reading: NEW YORK THEATRE WORKSHOP, dir. Lawrence Sacharow (Three Tall Women, Beckett/Albee), '02. With Jane Alexander and Raul Esparza.

Jane Alexander:Such an important play.” Lawrence Sacharow, dir.: “Brave and adventurous. An important play.” NYTW: “Points the way” to 9/11 and beyond and is “so adult.” Audience: “Poetry!” “Thanks for your beautiful play.” 

Reader’s theatre production: THE STUDIO THEATRE, Washington, D.C., dir. Morey Epstein, ’98. With Marcia Churchill and Stas Wronka. 2-week run sold out pre-opening.

The Studio Theatre: “Such a human play.” Young audience member: “Your play makes me think about the world!” 

Premiere production: VICTORY GARDENS THEATER, Chicago, dir. Sandy Shinner, ‘96. With Deanna Dunagan and Raul Esparza.

Sandy Shinner, dir.: “People just love this play.” Wall Street Journal: “Like Harriet Beecher Stowe [author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin], Ms. Seaquist attempts to reach her audience by focusing not on abstract issues or principles, but on people.... In several ways, The Washington-Sarajevo Talks succeeds as well as Ms. Seaquist might wish.” 

Reader’s theatre production: Actor’s Theatre of Washington, dir. Patrick McGrail, ’96. With Nancy Cahill and John C. Hansen. This production was broadcast worldwide on Voice of America.
Nihad Hadziomerovic, Sarajevan: “This play was my life.”

Other readings: Contemporary American Theatre Festival; Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC; The Barrow Group, NYC; Horizons Theatre, D.C.; Ashland New Plays Festival (entry of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

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