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A universal drama about the Sarajevos of the world---warfare in the streets and on TV---dramatized in the bond forged between a man in Sarajevo, under fire by former friends, and an American woman moved by the televised carnage to reach out. A drama about the saving power of normalcy.

JANE ALEXANDER, actor, reading, NEW YORK THEATRE WORKSHOP: “Such an important play.”

LAWRENCE SACHAROW (Three Tall Women, Beckett/Albee), director, reading, NYTW: “Brave and adventurous. An important play.”

Wall Street Journal, premiere production, Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago: “Like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ms. Seaquist attempts to reach her audience by focusing not on abstract issues or principles, but on people....In several ways, The Washington-Sarajevo Talks succeeds as well as Ms. Seaquist might wish.”

Neil Wilson, Festival director, Ottawa International Writers Festival 2003, reading: “The best portrayal of humanity in wartime I know.” Audience: “At last, an outward-looking American.” “Stunning.” “Reminded me of Beckett.”

Globe and Mail (Canada), interview with Carla Seaquist and Canadian playwright David Gow, conducted by critic Kate Taylor, “Setting the stage for social catharsis.” Read Article

Indianapolis Star, production, Festival of Emerging American Theatre 2003, Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis: “A fascinating dynamic of big ideas and little vulnerabilities....Provocative.”

Bryan Fonseca, A.D., Phoenix Theatre: (When American troops were about to enter Baghdad, anticipating warfare in the streets) “I can’t think of a more timely play.”

Young audience member, reader’s theatre production, The Studio Theatre, Washington, D.C.: “Your play makes me think about the world!

Aleksandra Bukva, Belgrade, Serbia (the enemy capital), worldwide broadcast, Voice of America: “Your play is honest and warm, it cannot leave a normal human being untouched, no matter how far away he lives from our tragic situation.”

Who Cares?: The Washington-Sarajevo Talks - Production History & Excerpts


Katharine Hepburn the Life Force meets Franz Kafka the Death Force and tries to change his attitude. Set in a sanatorium amid biological warfare.

David Rambo, playwright, God’s Man in Texas: “A literate, delightful collision of implausibility, wit, and big ideas that just works brilliantly.” 

Andrea Frye, director: “A fabulous, life-affirming play.”

Jiri Fisher, director (Vaclav Havel’s Audience): “Outstanding.” 

Kate & Kafka - Production History & Excerpts


A dramatic comedy about the male preference for younger women (the comedy) and how people at midlife recover their path (the drama)---played out with alter-egos.

Sophy Burnham, former executive director, Fund for New American Plays, Kennedy Center: “I laughed so hard it hurt.” 

Major regional theatre: “We gave this play very serious consideration.”

Excess on Their Hands - Production History & Excerpts


A drama about a wife who tries to prevent her husband from committing a crime---dumping hazardous waste in Mexico---and about those around her who act against her and let the crime go forward. Set in Southern California.

Theatre agent: “Ibsen’s Enemy of the People from the wife’s point of view.”

Gottfried Wagner, director: “…of great importance for our time, because it grapples in a very convincing way with the vital problem of personal ethics. Considering the contemporary theatre scene and its superficial topics, I wish this play many international audiences.”

The Altitude of Virtue - Production History & Excerpts
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