A dramatic comedy about the male preference for younger women and how one older woman deals with that, also how people at midlife recover their path---played out with alter-egos.

The alter-egos include: For “Jessica” (the central female character)---“Blue,” her inner blues singer; “Val,” her Valkyrie; Miss Congeniality; Emily Dickinson; Mother; and Child. For “Jack” (the central male character)---“Thug”; his inner best self, Ralph Waldo Emerson; Father; and Child. In final scene, a Waiter.

Synopsis & excerpts

Production History

Semi-finalist, Trustus Playwrights’ Festival

Semi-finalist, Charlotte Repertory Theatre


Sophy Burnham, former executive director, Fund for New American Plays, Kennedy Center: “I laughed so hard it hurt.”

Major regional theatre: “We gave this play very serious consideration.”

Martha Jacobs, director: “Great idea, very funny.”

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