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Opening essay: "Recovery Without a Reckoning"

End-essay: "Can America Save Itself from Decline?" (opening excerpt)

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".an essayist in the great American tradition."
--- Seymour Hersh

Can America Save Itself From Decline?: Politics, Culture, Morality
Can America save itself from decline? This is the question Americans are pondering. Great nations throughout History have followed the pattern of rise and rise, then decline and fall. Is this America's fate, or can we reverse our decline and rise again?

In the belief that if any great nation can reverse its decline, America can---we believe in reinvention, we are not fatalists yet, but it will take stronger leadership and reform than seen to date---CARLA SEAQUIST in her commentary for The Huffington Post addresses this historic challenge from various angles---political, economic and financial, cultural and moral---all in the context of the American character.

In an extended end-essay, Seaquist addresses the question posed in the book's title.

Sample titles of 75 essays include: "Recovery without a Reckoning"; "Risk Management According to Moby-Dick"; "A War's Premise Must Justify the Troops' Suffering"; ""My Republican Mother Says Yes to Gun Control"; "Exceptional Nations Don't Bluster"; "Get Thee to Geneva, Mr. Obama: Your Drone Strikes Make Targets of Us All"; "Humor: There's Funny and There's Symptom of Decline"; "Free Speech vs. Responsible Speech"; and "Democrats Are 'Disgusted' with Politics? Boo Hoo."

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