A drama about a wife who tries to prevent her husband from committing a crime---dumping hazardous waste in Mexico---and about those around her who act to obstruct her and let the crime go forward.

From Scene 1, Act Two:
Mother: Dear, men do what they want. It doesn’t matter what we say.
Faith: Wives face Judgment Day too, Mother....

Synopsis & excerpts

Production History

Accepted for broadcast, Radio Zid, Sarajevo (during the siege of 1992-95).

Finalist, Festival Cervantino, Mexico.

Reading, Source Theatre, Washington, D.C., dir. Randye Hoeflich. With Janey Richards and Gary Telles.


Theatre agent: “Ibsen’s Enemy of the People from the wife’s point of view.”

Gottfried Wagner, director: “…of great importance for our time, because it grapples in a very convincing way with the vital problem of personal ethics. Considering the contemporary theatre scene and its superficial topics, I wish this play many international audiences.”

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